Seamless Rain Gutters

Storage Tanks

Our Norwesco tanks are manufactured using resins that meet FDA specifications to ensure safe storage of *potable water. The black or green color limits light penetration, which reduces the growth of water-borne algae. Have us install your water tank and get free shipping!


Rain Barrels

Cascata Rain Barrels combine aesthetic elegance of ceramics with the enduring longevity of modern plastics. Roto molded plastic that is able to withstand extreme temperature and will not chip, crack, or fade. Ace Rain Systems offers Rain Barrel installation for $45.

Have us install your rain barrel and get free shipping!


Rain Chains, Kits & Accessories

There are many styles of rain chains ranging from handcrafted copper funnels to chains. To review our large selection of rain chains, please select from one of the three categories below.

* Please inquire as to what types of roof surfaces are recommended for potable water.

Water Pumps

Bushman Connection Kit BCK0001

Bushman Connection Kit BCK0001 and Bushman Pump Kit BPK1225CXP1A01

Water Saver Kit $32.95

Rain Chain Installation Kits

RCR1 Copper Kit $14.95

3145-A With Loop $11.95

Water Saver Kit $32.95

Rain Dishes

Click the images below for enlarged detail. With a solid brass loop in the center and a section of light copper chain (included), you can easily secure your rain chain to this beautiful terminal point. Fill it with pebbles or plant it with ground cover for a gorgeous effect!

3145 Hand Hammered Copper Bowl $34.95

3145-A Hand Hammered Copper Bowl With Loop $44.95

3145-AL Hand Hammered Aluminum Bowl $24.95

3145-AL-L Hand Hammered Aluminum Bowl $29.95

3120 Catch Basins (prices vary per size)


Rain Chains-   Garden Themed   |   Cup-Style   |   Chain-Style

Click images for detailed views. Prices shown are for approximately 8 1/2 foot chains. For pricing on smaller measurements, please contact us.

Garden Themed Rain Chains

2900 Grape $139

2920 Dolphin $139

2940 Humming Bird $139

2960 Pineapple $159

BL-40 Blue Bell $149

2980 Honey Bee $159

2992 Butterfly $139

2910 Sun $139

S-103 Koi Fish $249

Cup-Style Rain Chains

3121 Square Cups $159

3137 Shizuka $139

1056 Arches $159

LL-01 Lotus Chain $189

7227 Flared Cups $129

3124 Copper Bells $169

BL-41 Bluebell $149

1055 Florence $159

R-506 Iron Flower $71

3103-A Fluted $149

3104 Scallop $179


3104-AL Aluminum XL Scallop $129

3114-B Brass $129

3117 Square $149

3121 AC Slotted Square $159

3117-XXL Square $229

3122-AC Arts and Crafts $169

LL02-P Royal Lotus $419

3139 Naoki $159

3146 Star Flower $149

3156 Cast Cups $223.20

4343 Individual Funnels 10 for $59

5225-S Tara Flower $259

7228 Aluminum Flared $73.95

RC51 Plain Basket $139

LR02 Royal Lotus $389

LRC2 Lotus

DL-701 Double Lotus $299

S-101 Cala Lily $199

RC-54 Basket and Glass $139

2980-P Ribbed $159

Chain-Style Rain Chains

3130-2 Double Loops $139

3138 Oval Loop $139

3131 Large Copper Link $131.75

3132 Extra Link Copper $161.50

3133 Link and Loop Copper $140.25

3134 Infinity Link $129

6886 Zen Loops $159

T-4 Large Aluminum $59.50

T-5 Extra Link Aluminum $72.25

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