Seamless Rain Gutters


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“K” or “O/G” Style Seamless Gutter in 5" & 6"

Standard Material: Aluminum(.027), Copper(16 oz.), Steel(26 Ga.)

Finish: Baked on Polyester

Warranty: Lifetime Finish Warranty

Half Round Style Gutter in 5" & 6"

Standard Material: Aluminum(.027), Copper(16 oz.), Steel(26 Ga.)

Finish: Baked on Polyester

Warranty: Lifetime Finish Warranty

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Product Features:


Strength of BearCLAW™ Hanger

  • Hanger "claws" grip the patented lip. It is flashing friendly so it can be properly installed behind the flashing.


Pocket Lock Lip - Stronger by Design

  • Patented lip and hanger design creates the strongest connection in the industry to ensure your gutters stay on your home.


Gutter Design Combats Streaking & Discoloration

  • Patented lip resists build up of dirt and water droplets that can run down the face of the gutter causing streaking and discoloration.


Screw Penetrates into the Sub Fascia


Built-in Folded Wedge

  • The folded wedge creates a hanging surface to support the back of the gutter and prevent it from rolling like most half round systems.


Works on All Roof Types and Pitches

There are many options for hanging half round gutters:


Spikes and Ferules - will pull and sag because they have no anchor point.

Brackets (internal and external) - fasten to the roof and may void your roof warranty.

Hidden Hangers - sit inside the gutter and fasten to the fascia for clean seamless look.

BearCLAW™ Hidden Hanger - the only flashing friendly half round hanger on the market; patented internal hanger creates a more secure connection between the gutter and fascia; "claws" grip the Pocket Lock Lip and prevent the hanger from pulling out in cases of excessive weight in or on the gutters; stainless steel screw penetrates into the sub fascia for added strength.

Rain Gutters Protect Your Home!


Controlling water runoff and directing it away from the home is an important step in proper home maintenance. Avoid expensive and damaging situations by installing a quality rain water collection system.

Foundation Failure


Unbalanced moisture levels in the soil

around a home's foundation can lead to:


  • Cracked walls and masonry
  • Bulging or uneven floors
  • Doors and windows that don't open or close properly

Foundation Repair


$ Expensive

$ Extent of damage varies

$ Can cost from $400 to $20k +

$ Additional costs of moving and temporary housing while work

is being done

Other Effects of Rainwater


  • Splash back and staining of siding
  • Landscape erosion
  • Ponding
  • Insect infestation
  • Mold and rot

LeafScreen Gutter Guard System works and provides you with the longest lasting, most effective solution on the market...


How Does LeafScreen Work - LeafScreen stops leaves and birds while allowing rain to filter through your free flowing roof gutters


Why Choose LeafScreen - Protect your home by protecting your gutters. Leafscreen or Gutter Guard is designed to keep out debris that can clog your gutters. You get a long term, effective gutter screen solution .


Effective Rainwater Harvesting - LeafScreen is the first step in fresh rainwater harvesting, A First flush system will do the rest.


Micro mesh gutter guard


Strength of steel with powder coated finish for a slick, snag free surface to deflect leaves Hole size about half the size of small hole gutter guards to keep out virtually everything but water Spring like tension holds product securely in place Does not disturb shingles or void roof warranty


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